The registration fee payment is done at the time the athlete registers in the race using one of the following cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, which can either be debit or credit.

To participate in MIUT is it necessary to have a qualification race?
Yes, for the races MIUT (115 km) and ULTRA (85 km).

- For the race MIUT, the participant must have finished one race with a minimum of 4 ITRA (International Trail-Running Association) points or, if he / she does not have ITRA points, he / she must have finished a race with a minimum of 90 points, taking into account that:

1 km = 1 point and 100 meters of D + = 1 point, eg: 50 km with 4,000 m D + = 50 + 40 = 90 points.

- For the race ULTRA, the participant must have finished a race with a minimum of 2 ITRA (International Trail-Running Association) points or, if he / she does not have ITRA points, he / she must have finished a race with a minimum of 40 points, taking into account that:

1 km = 1 point and 100 meters of D + = 1 point, eg: 30 km with 1,000 m D + = 30 + 10 = 40 points.

In the registration of the MIUT and ULTRA it is mandatory to place the link of your performance index from the ITRA website or the link to the results of the event in case you do not have ITRA points.

I want to race in MIUT (115 km) or ULTRA (85 km), but I still don't have the necessary points. Can I sign up to secure a place and later submit my points?
No. Reservations will not be accepted. You can only register when you already have the required points.

Registration fees


01/10/2017 to 31/12/2017

01/01/2018 to 31/01/2018

01/02/2018 to 28/02/2018


110,00 €

130,00 €

160,00 €


90,00 €

105,00 €

125,00 €


50,00 €

60,00 €

75,00 €


25,00 €

35,00 €

50,00 €


Refund fee (guarantee of refund if in the required conditions and deadlines) - 15,00 €

Can someone else run with my race bib?
No. No one may run in place of the person who appears on the list of registered participants.

Can I change my current race to another distance?
Yes. It is allowed to change to another race, provided that there are still available places on that race. This change can only be made up to the 28th of February 2018. If the change is to a race with a higher registration fee, the differential payment will be made based on the values in use on the date of the change. If the change is to a race with a lower registration fee, there will be no return of the difference. No matter the change you want to do there is always an administrative fee of 10,00 €  (Article 3.3.1 of the regulation).

Can I transfer my registration to another person?
Yes. Registration transfer is allowed. To do so, the participant currently enrolled must request by e-mail: using the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the transfer of his registration to the person (full name, email). The transfer of registration has an administrative cost of € 40.00 to be paid by the person who's tranfering the registration. The date limit for this change is the 28th of February 2018. (Article 3.3.2 of the regulation).

I’ve suffered an injury or a last minute impossibility to run the race and I want to cancel my registration. Can I be refunded? How should I proceed? 
Yes, you can only request a refund as long as you have paid the "refund tax" at the time of registration. The refund must be requested by e-mail, using the same address used for the registration of the participant, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or alternatively, by registered letter to Clube de Montanha do Funchal, Via 25 de Abril, n 4, 9060-213 Funchal. The medical certificate must be attached to this request, if applicable. The refund of the fee will be made under the following conditions: (Article 3.3.3 of the regulation)

Accident, illness or pregnancy diagnosed after race registration.

until February 28th, 2018

100% of the fee will be refund

From March 1st to March 31st, 2018

70% of the fee will be refund

From April 1st, 2018

There will be no right to refund

Another situation other than accident, illness or pregnancy diagnosed after registration in race...
From October 1st to January 31st, 2018 75% of the fee will be refund
From February 1st to February 28th, 2018 50% of the fee will be refund
From March 1st, 2018 There will be no right to refund


I am registered for one of the races but I cannot participate this year due to an accident. Can I have my inscription "frozen" for next year?
No, the organization will not "freeze" any of the registrations. (Article 3.3 of the regulation).

If I don’t participate in the race, do I still have the right to the participant’s kit? How can I get it?
Yes, you are entitled to the kit. You can get it personally at the Secretariat of the event, or in the case of an impairment you can ask someone to get it for you. The person who you nominate must present a copy of their ID card or passport or residence card and a statement in writing in which you authorize them to get your kit. If you don't have anyone who can do this, the organization can send you the kit by mail or other means of distribution, but all costs inherent to this procedure must be paid by you.

The registrations are sold out, but I saw that you have reserves for 250 people. For who are those reserves?
Those reserves are intended to comply with the commitments of the organization towards elite athletes (men with scores above 780 ITRA points and women with scores superior to 650 ITRA points), people invited by the organization and with the official sponsors of the event. (Article 2.1 of the regulation).

The registrations are sold out, is there any possibility to get a bib?
It may be possible to get a bib if you make a donation as described in the article 3.7 of the regulation or buyin an accommodation package as described in the article 3.8 of the regulation. Limited bib's.

I won’t be 17 years old on the date of the start of the event. Can I participate?
No. The regulations of the FPA (Portuguese Athletics Federation), of the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) and of the IAU (International Association of Ultrarunners) don’t allow the participation of under 17 year olds in races with more than 10 km (Article 1.1 of the regulation).


What do I need for the check-in?
You need your ID card or passport, the backpack or similar equipment which you will use on the race and the Term of responsibility which must be duly signed. (Article 3.5 of the regulation).

Can someone else do the check-in for me?
Yes, as long as the person has a statement in writing in which you authorize them to take care of your check-in, and it must be accompanied by a copy of your identity card or passport or resident card. It is also required that the person brings your backpack or similar equipment that you will use in the race, and the Term of responsibility. (Article 3.5 of the regulation).

My flight arrives after the closure of the check-in. How can I do it?
You can ask someone else to do the check-in for you, as in the previous question, or you can contact the organization via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and explain the situation.


Are there any transport services?
Yes. The organization will provide transportation from Machico to the start of each race to all participants who request it during check-in. The organization will also provide transportation to the finish area, in case of retirement or if you are retained by the organization. (Article 3.6 of the regulation).

Will there be transportation for guests?
Yes, there will be transportation but only to attend the start of the different races and your friends or family will have to purchase a ticket at the event center


Can I have personal assistance during the race?
Yes, but only the participants from the races MIUT and ULTRA may receive personal assistance given only by one person, duly accredited to do so, and only in the checkpoints previously established by the organization. It is strictly prohibited to get any other external support, including professional assistance (medical, coach, team). (Article 1.4 of the regulations).

How to do the accreditation of the person who will provide personal assistance?
The accreditation must be requested by the participant at the check-in (Article 1.4 of the regulation).

Do you have medical assistance during the race?
Yes. There will be medical care in all checkpoints.

Can I have access to a bag for my personal belongings?
Yes. A bag for changing clothes and / or other items will be provided to the participants in the MIUT and ULTRA races, which will be sent to the control, which will be located approximately midway through the race and later to the finish line. For the MARATHON and MINI races, this bag will be sent directly to the finish line (arrival).

Where should that bag be delivered?
The athletes will deliver their bag at the starting area.

Where do I get my bag that I delivered at the start?
The bag can be lifted in the arrival zone upon bib presentation. However, the bag will only be delivered on the last day at the time set in the event program. It may be lifted before, if it is already in the bag collection area.

Accident insurance

Am I covered by any insurance during the race?
Yes. The organization has civil liability and personal accidents insurance that covers all the participants. (Article 2.13 of the regulation).

How should I proceed in case of an accident during the race?
You must contact immediately the organization, through the emergency number which will be printed on your race bib. The organization will refer you to the medical institution best suited to your problem. (Article 2.13 of the regulation).


What must I do in case of retirement?
You can only pull out of the race on the checkpoints. The athlete who wants to give up, need to get to the checkpoint and then inform the organization of his/her decision. In case of an accident or injury in which the participant remains immobilized and unable to get to a checkpoint, he/she should activate the rescue operation by contacting the organization. (Article 2.7 of the regulation)


What are the checkpoints?
Checkpoints are points of mandatory passage and are located in areas described by the organization. On the checkpoints the time of passage of each athlete is registered, and in some cases there is some food and drinks to be consumed on-site by those participating. (Article 2.7 of the regulation)

What food I can find in a checkpoint with supplies?
There will be checkpoints with only beverages and others with food and drink.

Solids: banana, orange, figs, tomatoes, potatoes chips, bars of cereals, cake, chocolate, nutella, jam, cheese, bread, bread toast, biscuits of water and salt, peanuts, olives, salt and soup.
Liquids: water, water with gas, drink isotonic, pepsi cola, coffee and tea.
Only water will be provided to fill the tanks and other containers of the participants.

Time barriers

What is a time barrier?
It is the time limit for the passage of the athletes on checkpoint. The barriers have been calculated so that the participants can reach the finish line in the designated time limit, including possible stops (rest, supplies, etc.). (Article 2.5 of the regulation)

Is there any tolerance in a time barrier?

Is the time barrier intended only for entry into the checkpoint?
No, in order to be allowed to continue, athletes must leave the checkpoint before the time barrier. (Article 2.5 of the regulation)

If I get to the checkpoint some seconds before the time barrier, I can proceed?
Yes you can. You should only register your passage and continue the race. You can’t stay at the checkpoint.

Can I be barred from continuing in the race if I am still at the checkpoint at the time of activation of the time barrier? Even if I arrived 10 minutes before?
Yes, you will be barred from continuing and, consequently, you will be disqualified. You have to leave the checkpoint before the activation of the time barrier.

If I am eliminated from the race, can I continue?
You can do so through the delivery of a portion of the race bib, detachable for that effect, and continue on your own responsibility and in complete autonomy. (Article 2.5 of the regulation)


I am one of the winners but I can’t be on the awards ceremony. Can I receive it afterwards?
Yes. But you will have to assume all the expenses of its shipping by mail or other means of distribution.

Do all the races have prizes for all the finishers?Y
es. The finisher award is given out right after the conclusion of the race.

Does MIUT give qualification points for the UTMB?
Yes. The conclusion of the MIUT, ULTRA and MARATHON races give 5, 4 and 2 points, respectively.


What is the Pasta-party?
It is a meal (dinner) which will take place on Thursday, April 26th. This meal consists of pasta and different types of sauces. The participant may acquire the ticket for this meal at the time of registration or acquire it later in the Secretariat of the event. Friends and family can also participate through the purchase of tickets at the event center.

Is there a meal for the athletes at the end of the race?
Yes. All athletes, finishers or not, are entitled to a hot meal.

Will there be meals for guests?
Yes. But you will have to buy tickets in the Secretariat at the price set by the organization.

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